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[img src=]4210Unusual trail
Not many trails in the world allow you to ride along an active military base while still technically at war.
[img src=]3970Freshly seeded rice field
Jennie narrowly avoiding falling in on her way around a freshly seeded and watered rice field
[img src=]3790Stay to the right
[img src=]3560Military post
Andrew and Mike stopping for a rest between a cemetery and a military base.
[img src=]4710Up, up, up.
Mark grinds his way up the hill, knowing the fun that awaits.
[img src=]3960A little hike-a-bike never hurt anyone
Kelly flashing her award-winning smile at the prospect of being close to the top.
[img src=]3420Flowers in bloom
A splash of color in early summer
[img src=]3630Post-ride meal
Ty and Kelly enjoy a well-deserved traditional meal of kamjatang after a great day of mountain biking.
[img src=]4240Ancient tombs
Ty and Kelly pose in front of the burial mounds of the last King of the Joseon Dynasty.
[img src=]3250The importance of a guide who reads Korean
Although well-signed, there are no English signs along the trails.
[img src=]3380Steep descent
Kelly leading the charge down one of the fun and twisty DH sections of the Full Day Tour.
[img src=]2810Quiet temple
An old temple along the side of the trail.
[img src=]2700Security
A few sections of the Half and Full Day Tours run along military post fences, so stay on the trail! 🙂
[img src=]3420Stopping for a break
Max was amazed at the friendly and open people he met along the way. Here, a group of riders invites us to join them for delicious samkyeopsal and soju in the woods.
[img src=]2750Climbing
Up, up, up.
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